Meet Amy, aka "The Catholic Astrologer"


UPDATE: We recently relocated to Texas and had a second baby, so please contact me through the contact page about services, as they are limited right now. Thank you and blessings on your day!

Amy is a third generation astrologer. Much of her knowledge was absorbed from her parents, grandmother, and overflowing bookshelves of dusty and sometimes out-of-print books. Her specialities are:

  • Astrocoaching - blending astrology with traditional life coaching  
  • Catholic Astrology - mining the history of astrology within the Catholic Church, analyzing current events in the Church, and learning how to blend astrology with the Christian faith 
  • Generational/Hereditary Astrology - observing how signs and positions run in families and understanding what that means

You might know Amy from the Catholic media scene. Her award-winning book, "How to Get to 'I Do' - A Dating Guide for Catholic Women," was published in 2010 and remains popular. Her work has been spotlighted on EWTN and numerous radio shows and publications. She is the first coach to specialize in empowering single Catholic women. Her work helped to bring a more realistic tone to dating discussions in the Catholic community and is responsible for helping some women find Mr. Right. You can find out more about her work in the Catholic world here

She still writes pieces for traditional Catholic publications and is currently writing a book about St. Leopold of Austria and soon will be working on a memoir about integrating astrology, also known as the divine science, with her Catholic faith. Sign up for the newsletter for updates!