Astrocoaching helps you put your chart into action and make it a part of your everyday life.


Astrology Consultations and Charts

I offer a variety of astrology services and also specialize in handcrafted astrological artwork for display. You can order all of these items and services via my online store.

NOTE: If you want an in-person consultation, please contact me directly to make arrangements:

  • Consultation: An hour with me and a detailed explanation of your chart. This can be done over the phone/Skype or in-person. $99
  • Heavenly Portfolio: An attractive portfolio with a handcrafted chart with detailed explanations of the chart. $65
  • Heavenly Display: A handcrafted chart in a frame for display with detailed explanations of the chart. $99
  • Heavenly Portfolio plus Consult: The Heavenly Portfolio option with a consultation by phone or in-person. $125
  • Heavenly Display plus Consult: The Heavenly Display framed chart option with a consultation by phone or in-person. $159  


Set the World on Fire® Astrocoaching Program

St. Catherine of Siena was a courageous Aries woman who changed the course of Church history by persuading the pope to return to Rome from Avignon. She said, "Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire." 

In the Set the World on Fire® program, you live through this famous mystic's quote. First, you learn who God meant you to be. I cast your chart for you, give you a printed interpretation of the chart, and also meet with you (in person or by phone/Skype) to explain the chart to you. I analyze your transits to determine any future influences that could help you plan for the year ahead. 

Then, for the traditional coaching. How are you going to set the world on fire? You examine your current goals, where you want to be, and I work with you to encourage you onward and uncover anything that could be holding you back.


- A Handcrafted Framed Chart to Keep: One framed, handcrafted chart with written interpretations of your natal chart and transits.

- Astrocoaching: Four sessions include one astrology session and three coaching sessions. Each session lasts about an hour. My office hours are Eastern Time, weeknights and weekends.

I can do sessions with you at my office in Columbia, MD or by phone/Skype. If you are out of town, simply order the package via my online store and we can schedule you over email. If you are in town, please contact me directly at to make arrangements.





Traditional Coaching and Follow-Up Sessions 

If you want traditional coaching and/or finished the Set the World on Fire® AstroCoaching Program and want continued support, I am happy to help you with that!