Thank You Pope Francis!

The Catholic News Service just posted an update on what Pope Francis said today to celebrate Epiphany. His comments included this paragraph here: 

"According to tradition, the wise men were sages, watchers of the constellations, observers of the heavens in a cultural and religious context which saw the stars as having significance and power over human affairs," the pope told the congregation. "The wise men represent men and woman who seek God in the world's religions and philosophies: an unending quest."

The article then says:

The Holy Spirit prompted them to follow the star, kept them strong when their quest proved difficult and filled them with the grace they needed "to have a personal encounter with the true God," he said.

Thank you Pope Francis for embracing the Magi as they were and for proclaiming such an inspiring message about them.

Seekers! Yes we are. Please bless our efforts as we continue to seek God using both the wisdom of the Magi and Christ as our foundation.