A Time to Give Birth


One thing that interests me is how babies tend to inherit signs from their family members. It can be called so many things. “Hereditary astrology”, “generational astrology”, and “astrological inheritance” are terms I have heard or thought up to describe this amazing dynamic.

Sometimes, a single sign runs in a family. Perhaps a grandmother is a Cancer, her daughter has a Cancer Ascendant, and then the granddaughter is born with Moon in Cancer. One time, I went to a cemetery to visit some gravesites and realized that three of the people in the row I visited had the same Moon sign.

It’s hard to know exactly why these things happen, but there is a reason for it. Ecclesiastes 3 says, “There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under heaven; A time to give birth and a time to die…” (New American Standard Bible).

For this reason, I’ve often considered whether C-sections that are planned without medical necessity are a grave sin. It’s impossible to know if such things disrupt a child’s birth chart in a destructive way. But based on the Bible verse above and my experience as an astrologer and a mother, I do believe that it is best to take the child’s lead during the birthing process. When it becomes clear that an intervention is necessary, like an emergency C-section, that’s fine. It should be accepted with peace because if it is necessary, it’s obviously meant to happen.

I had a beautiful miracle baby this year and he took my Sun and Moon signs. And they are two degrees apart, just like mine, to form an aspect. Yes, I am confident that there is an appointed time to give birth.