Astrological Inheritance in John Lennon's Family

john lennon.jpg

One of my areas of interest is how children tend to inherit signs from their family members. We are all so amazingly connected and every birth is packed with so much significance. 

Yoko Ono's latest video, "Bad Dancer," went viral recently and made me wonder about the astrology of John Lennon's family. I published my in-depth analysis on Astrology Weekly

The highlights are that Sean Lennon was born on his father's birthday, and has Moon in Sag like his mother to the same degree. The Moon of course, symbolizes motherhood. Julian had issues with his father, but still took signs from his chart. Very interesting! I hope you enjoy the analysis.

By the way, if I do your chart, feel free to send me some birth information for your family because I am happy to look and see what patterns emerge.