Thank You Pope Francis!

Thank You Pope Francis!

"According to tradition, the wise men were sages, watchers of the constellations, observers of the heavens in a cultural and religious context which saw the stars as having significance and power over human affairs," the pope told the congregation. "The wise men represent men and woman who seek God in the world's religions and philosophies: an unending quest."

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Epiphany 2015: A Christian Astrologer's Review of This Year's Celebration

It's finally Epiphany! The day that we celebrate the Magi's journey to baby Jesus and the presentation of their aromatic gifts. It's also the most exciting celebration for Christian astrologers like me, and perhaps, the one laden with the most angst, so forgive my lengthy post. Indeed, many people maintain that Christian astrologers should not and cannot exist, and that means I have a lot to say.

And those manger scenes... Sometimes I'm peeved by them. "How are they going to deal with the hypocrisy this year? Who is going to reverently put up a manger scene and shamelessly bash astrology this season?" It is sincerely illogical and wrong headed to me.

I generally lightly peruse Catholic and Christian articles about the Magi around this time of year in a tongue in cheek sort of way, ready to roll my eyes more than I have in a long time. Are the authors going to be bold enough to honor the fact that the Magi are widely believed to have been Zoroastrian astrologer priests? Or, are they going to grow faint at the mere mention of the word "astrology" and adroitly sidestep it? Admittedly, some writers don't know or care what controversy gently lies behind the Three Wise Men, beneath the tinsel and celebrations.

One well-known Catholic columnist wrote a piece that was pretty thorough in describing some aspects of the Magi from a historical context, which initially gained some trust and respect from me. He honored the fact that the Magi practiced astrology. However, he blundered by skipping over the distinguished people who used astrology way after the time of the Magi, like St. Albert the Great, several popes, and monks. As usual per the fundamentalist crowds, he wants us to believe that the Church and its most prominent decision makers and influencers have always unilaterally condemned astrology and had no use for this "pagan" concept after the birth of Christ whatsoever. False.

What really gets to me about this particular piece I read is his cowardly personal attack directed at any Christian who uses astrology. A quick search showed me that he has published that same sort of thing elsewhere. Any experienced debater knows that ad hominem attacks, especially when unprovoked, tend to weaken arguments. Who resorts to bullying the person next to them as a means of winning and overpowering if they can adequately defend their position with citations and intelligent reasoning? Of course, no committed Christian astrologers were interviewed to explain what their practice actually is and is not.

Which leads me to the whole concept of bearing false witness. One astrologer known as Moby Dick wrote a very interesting book entitled, “Astrology’s Pew in the Church.” He called this common bullying routine against astrologers "bearing false witness," partly because the attacks tend to radically and unfairly mischaracterize and malign Christians who use astrology. He as a Methodist minister had integrated his faith with astrology, done some amazing research, and grew tired of people judging him.

I always wonder if these supremely judgmental writers ever stop to consider that if their God sent the Magi to discover their savior in human flesh, how can they honestly believe with such unyielding certitude that they have God's blessing and mandate when they intentionally take time out of their day to malign astrology and astrologers in ugly ways? 

Moving on....

I saw one conservative connection on Facebook highlight the fact that the Magi were indeed astrologers AND astronomers, and challenged readers to think about what signs the Lord places in their lives. Good. The lack of specificity could confuse rather than empower, but it was nice.

A priest wrote a blog post that mentioned a beautiful personal story of a meaningful star he encountered in his life and said that he thought "the heavens proclaim the glory of God." That was very nice. 

As far as TV goes, it looks like EWTN is running "Star of the Bethlehem," a documentary that features a Protestant man who did extensive research into the star. I watched it some time ago and chuckled as the guy was forced to admit some astrological connotations to the discovery of Christ. He was so uncomfortable with it because his family had raised him to believe that astrology was evil. He was finally able to calm his nerves though and allow for astrology's role in the Magi's mission, explaining some theories behind the star. Yes, sometimes we've really got to shed old prejudices in order to see the truth! As a priest friend of mine said to me recently, "Let God be God." Everything is easier when we live that way. 

That's pretty much what I gleaned from the religious camp for the 2014-2015 Christmas season, though more could come out this week.  Oh, one other article I saw defended the birth of Christ as Dec. 25 without any astronomical or astrological basis. Blunder! I have seen so much speculation on this topic. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but rationally speaking, I don't think it's safe ground to run amuck on without some heavenly acknowledgement. 

The best thing I saw was "Search for the Star of Bethlehem" on the Science Channel in which modern-day astronomers bravely and unapologetically step into the role of astrological interpretation regarding the Magi's activities. According to them, astrology and astronomy used to be the same, so what of it? Slam dunk. They seemed unhampered by religious guilt or prejudices regarding astrology. Further, they speculated that there were more than three Magi who journeyed to Christ. These scientists acknowledged reality with ease and candor. Their total absence of agitation made me think, "Geeze, this religious thing has really hindered people in their studies." It makes me think twice about Catholic education for my children, though we might have some luck with the super brainy Jesuits! 

So how does a Catholic author get into surveying the land for astrological insights at Epiphany? I decided to openly practice astrology in 2013. It was something I was raised with and forced to give up when I converted to Christianity as a college student. At the time of my conversion, I was pretty well brainwashed in my vulnerable moment and couldn't see what my dad told me - that the Magi were astrologers and Catholic clerics in old Europe also had mad stargazing skills - so this fear of astrology was on very shaky ground. As a history and short-time theology major, my teachers weren't any help as I tried to make sense of all of this. I honestly think they had a gap in their education about the history of astronomy and astrology and had nothing to offer since it is now a rather obscure topic.

Thankfully, I had the fortitude, introspection, social support and divine intervention to reclaim astrology for myself and to use it to help others, but the road is rocky. When other astrologers see my chart, they wonder if I have been in the military, and the reality is that anyone called to Christian astrology is going to have to fight hard for truth. Self-identifying as highly religious, spiritual or otherwise in tune with creation is not enough for this work. No, you have to stand up to a lot of misinformation.

Facts can pierce like a sword. I'm going to try to publish the best of my latest research finds in the first part of 2015. My hope is that these gold nuggets will be available to anyone else who is researching the intersection between astrology and religion, and that the facts will help them formulate a reasonable conclusion that makes sense. If I meet my goals, internet surfers will have a lot more than I had 15-20 years ago! The standard conclusions found in Catholic and Christian apologetics material have not held water for me, but that tends to be what you get when you search for Christian perspectives on astrology, and so....from my point of view, there is a genuine need for more diverse resources. People have a right to more complete historical records and accounts.

After many years of experience and study, my own life changing epiphany is this:

If the Lord wanted to give astrology to the Magi and other people in the Bible, and if He also chose to employ astrology for the birth and discovery of His Son, I don't see how real astrology (not newspaper horoscopes!) could be anything but a genuine and sacred gift from God.

Top of the Morning Appearance

I appeared on Top of the Morning, a local TV show, recently to discuss both my astrological work and my award-winning book, "How to Get to 'I Do' - A Dating Guide for Catholic Women." It is a very special blessing when I get to talk about BOTH my book and my astrology! Thank you to Loretto Gubernatis, the producer, for kindly reaching out to me and welcoming both of my pursuits. I am grateful for open minds.

The episode is available for free on YouTube! You can watch it here.


On Consulting an Astrologer


This article I wrote, "On Consulting an Astrologer: Where the Stars Can Help" is currently making the rounds in Maryland. I wrote it for a general audience and have been so happy with the response. I hope you enjoy it!

Unfortunately, this wonderful publication, Be Well, will not be distributed anymore. Though it was very popular, it was a lot of work, I am sure. The health and wellness community here in Maryland is praying for it to be resurrected! Thankfully, the articles will be preserved online.


Website Error and Online Article

Someone told me that an error pops up when they try to purchase a consultation via the online store. I'm sorry about that! I will fix it soon, but am very busy at the moment, so if you try to place an order and it doesn't work, just email me: amy at mediagypsy dot com. I can issue a Paypal invoice over email and handle it that way.

In the meantime, my article - Astrology and Childbirth - is finally available onlineJust click the previous sentence and you'll be there. Please consider sharing it with pregnant women you know.

The Magi Greeted Me at Church Last Night...

Magi Xmas 2013.jpg

We went to Christmas Eve Mass and just so happened to sit where an image of the Magi was posted. I think it was left over from a children's play that ran before Mass...because several minutes after I sat down, someone came by to take the sign away. Yep, that sign was meant for me :)

Merry Christmas and remember the Magi! Christianity began with a holy birth and some mystic astrologers.


It's Magi Season Again!

The Archdiocese of Washington is using this image to promote their Find the Perfect Gift campaign this year.

The Archdiocese of Washington is using this image to promote their Find the Perfect Gift campaign this year.

The Archdiocese of Washington chose this image (among several) to promote their Find the Perfect Gift campaign this year. It's a Wise Man from the famous trio of three, a Magi man! It's beautiful and inspiring.

But, it doesn't make any sense to those of us who think a lot about the Magi, who were astrologers.

We (as practicing Catholics) literally parade images of astrologers around at Christmastime but refuse to discuss the historical significance of astrology within the Church.

Christ was discovered by astrologers who are known as the "Three Wise Men." Think about this for just a minute... Christ's first friends were astrologers. Astrologers helped launch Christianity. We don't know what the Christmas story would be without the Magi, or if there even would be a Christmas.  

Despite the scorn that astrology gets today, we still don't see any references to the Magi as the Three Heretics or the Three Idiots.... Nobody feels a need to make an excuse for them...unless pressed.

One argument astrophobic Christians have given me is, "oh, but they became Christians." Yes, but I seriously doubt that they began ignoring the heavens which God used to guide them. Wouldn't the incident of them following a star and getting an amazing reward only serve to enhance their belief? They looked above for a mystical message and they got one.

According to author Nicholas Campion, who publishes books about the history of astrology, the pro and anti arguments about astrology have remained the same for centuries among Christians. We argue and argue. The main reason we can continue to argue is the story of the Magi.  


Announcement 1.jpg

The Catholic Astrologer is hitting the news and blogs. 

An astrology blogger named Tracy kindly posted my article about Pope Benedict's resignation earlier this year and referred to it as "fantastic." You can see it on her website here.

And I was surprised to see a piece I wrote about transits in a South Asian paper called the Weekly Voice! I didn't know they could do that without asking for permission or crediting Astrology Weekly, but whatever... I am still complimented. That piece is here.

A Time to Give Birth


One thing that interests me is how babies tend to inherit signs from their family members. It can be called so many things. “Hereditary astrology”, “generational astrology”, and “astrological inheritance” are terms I have heard or thought up to describe this amazing dynamic.

Sometimes, a single sign runs in a family. Perhaps a grandmother is a Cancer, her daughter has a Cancer Ascendant, and then the granddaughter is born with Moon in Cancer. One time, I went to a cemetery to visit some gravesites and realized that three of the people in the row I visited had the same Moon sign.

It’s hard to know exactly why these things happen, but there is a reason for it. Ecclesiastes 3 says, “There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under heaven; A time to give birth and a time to die…” (New American Standard Bible).

For this reason, I’ve often considered whether C-sections that are planned without medical necessity are a grave sin. It’s impossible to know if such things disrupt a child’s birth chart in a destructive way. But based on the Bible verse above and my experience as an astrologer and a mother, I do believe that it is best to take the child’s lead during the birthing process. When it becomes clear that an intervention is necessary, like an emergency C-section, that’s fine. It should be accepted with peace because if it is necessary, it’s obviously meant to happen.

I had a beautiful miracle baby this year and he took my Sun and Moon signs. And they are two degrees apart, just like mine, to form an aspect. Yes, I am confident that there is an appointed time to give birth.

Astrological Inheritance in John Lennon's Family

john lennon.jpg

One of my areas of interest is how children tend to inherit signs from their family members. We are all so amazingly connected and every birth is packed with so much significance. 

Yoko Ono's latest video, "Bad Dancer," went viral recently and made me wonder about the astrology of John Lennon's family. I published my in-depth analysis on Astrology Weekly

The highlights are that Sean Lennon was born on his father's birthday, and has Moon in Sag like his mother to the same degree. The Moon of course, symbolizes motherhood. Julian had issues with his father, but still took signs from his chart. Very interesting! I hope you enjoy the analysis.

By the way, if I do your chart, feel free to send me some birth information for your family because I am happy to look and see what patterns emerge.

John Gadbury, Catholic and Astrologer?

John Gadbury

John Gadbury

I just acquired a most interesting book that has information about the history of astrology in it. A man named John Gadbury (1628-1704) is listed as a Catholic and an astrologer. He was a student of William Lilly (1602-1681), who wrote books entitled “Christian Astrology.”

Well, my internet searches so far indicate that Gadbury was suspected of being a Catholic ("a Catholic sympathizer') but I can't confirm that he actually was a Catholic. It was a time of religious upheaval in England, so I suspect these things were kept close to the chest at the time for good reason. I did find the most beautiful quote from Gadbury though!

“For Astrology is the language of the Heavens; and the Royal Psalmist says, The HEAVENS declare the GLORY of GOD.” 

Yes, yes, yes!!

I discovered this quote via an article by David Plant, "John Gadbury: Politics and the Decline of Astrology." He also shares this story:

"When details of an alleged Catholic plot to assassinate Charles II were revealed in 1679, Gadbury was accused of giving the conspirators astrological advice regarding the best time to carry out their plan. He spent two months in prison then stood trial before the king himself. King Charles - the 'merry monarch' - is said to have asked the famous astrologer if he could predict which prison he would end up in. Gadbury was eventually acquitted, however, and received £200 compensation for 'wrongous imprisonment' - but not before an angry Protestant mob had burned him, along with the Pope, in effigy."

The writing I have found by Gadbury is some difficult reading due to the old English. I am sure it contains some gems though.

Breathtaking Image of our Father in Heaven

I don't yet know who painted this, where it is, and what it is called. If you know - please tell me! But, it is making the rounds on Facebook and oh my, the splendor. Have a look for yourself and imagine what the stars must be like for our Father in heaven... 

As a Catholic astrologer, I view charts with the creator of them in mind...and this painting captures that for me.


Uranus Trine Saturn: The Transit Behind Pope Benedict XVI's Resignation


This piece was published back in Feb 2013 and was my inaugural astrology article.  On this blog, my posts are going backwards right now, because I am re-locating everything from a general coaching website I launched early this year....and well, I went out of order!

It's time to have a website dedicated to my astrological work, hence, this website.

But, I digress...

The resignation was especially exciting for me because through the Pontiff's chart and transits, I could intuit what was going on rather than exclusively rely on news reports. I remember saying things and then hours later, the news would say something similar. It was a phenomenal event and my experience of it made me decide to start publishing astrology articles for the public. 


Transits as People Magnets


My latest on Astrology Weekly: Transits as People Magnets.” The best way I can explain a transit to someone who does not know astrology is this… Ever heard of law enforcement officers and nurses mention how things seem to pick up at the full moon? Yeah, well, each person experiences individual “transits” like that and viewed in a Christian light, they can reveal some details about what God is calling you to at that moment.

A few times in coaching, a client has asked me to look up their transits and their next big life change becomes very clear for them!


Pope Makes Headlines and Captures Hearts with Princess Di's Sign Combo

pope francis.jpg

 This post I wrote for explains how Pope Francis, like Princess Di, uses a lovely Sag/Aquarius/Cancer combination to create change and capture the hearts of all kinds of people.

I'm telling you - one of my favorite things to do is watch Pope Francis in action. He is a total Moon in Aquarius!